Thank you for considering a presentation opportunity at TVPPA Conferences. This form will allow you to submit your topic suggestions to one or more TVPPA conferences at the same time. 

TVPPA meets with each Agenda Planning Committee several months in advance of each conference. By submitting this form, you agree to have TVPPA present, on your behalf, the topic you are suggesting and further obligate yourself or a designated staff member to prepare and present the topic at the scheduled conference.

Submitting this form does not indicate acceptance for an agenda by TVPPA staff nor the agenda planning committee. TVPPA staff will contact all entities having approved topics as quickly as possible following each agenda planning committee meeting. Unless TVPPA staff have contacted you with specific details of your inclusion, it is assumed your topic was not selected. Please feel free to resubmit the same topics year to year should you determine they are still relevant. 

Please note deadlines for each conference listed later in this form. Submissions made after each deadline may be held until the following year's event.

A. SUBMITTOR'S INFORMATION: Please provide your information so we may contact you with questions and/or feedback from committee.

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*For the purposes of this form, limit abstract descriptions to one to two paragaphs to make reviewing them easier. Please feel free to upload a more formal and lengthy document, if needed, later in this form.

C. FILE UPLOAD: You may upload, if available, a detailed version of your abstract here. Submittals with uploaded files do not immediately garner a higher chance of being selected. However, additional details beyond what was asked already may provide better outcomes. 

By uploading a file, you are also agreeing that TVPPA may publish, only if your topic is selected for the agenda, this file or an updated one you provide later for inclusion in conference materials. This helps support added educational content and may also help expand or better explain the topic you or your staff are presenting on.

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  1. Presentations may be selected for a 15-minute overview to as much as a full 50-minute session based upon available time on the agenda. 
  2. We strongly suggest the inclusion of a White Paper and/or Poster Session to be available during the conference to help expand on the knowledge you are providing. Additional details on these will be provided in speaker registration information if selected. You may also view limited information on them at the TVPPA website here.
  3. No handouts are required. Should you desire to provide handouts, please plan to provide TVPPA a PDF for inclusion in the official conference "app" and for uploading to the TVPPA website.

E. AUDIO VISUAL REQUIREMENTS: Please indicate which of the following (select all that apply) expected for this presentation. This is simply preliminary information for planning purposes. Final options and needs will be coordinated directly with a TVPPA staff member.

*Presentations will be collected in advance of the conference. Please be sure to bring a backup on a USB memory stick.

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F. CONFERENCE SELECTION & DEADLINES: Select which conference(s) you would like this topic considered for an agenda topic. Please note deadlines required for each. 

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G. COMMENTS: Please include any additional comments you may have here.

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H. SIGNATURE STATEMENT: By completing this form, entering your information into the blocks below and submitting this form for review, you represent that the presentation (1) is original content by you and/or your organization, (2) will not promote commercial products or services* and (3) will not discuss pricing or proprietary contractual information. Furthermore, you grant permission for TVPPA to dissiminate, if approved for inclusion on the conference agenda, information to include attachments as additional related material within conference platforms to include TVPPA's website and conference app.

*Note: We realize presentations will likely include product and/or service information. However, these should NOT be the key focus of the presentation. Best practices include case studies, new technology (general) overview and other non-specific focuses. It is generally accepted that the inclusion of your product/service into this realm is appropriate.

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